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iOS error: "quoteEceededError: DOM Execption:22"


Loading of app hanging.

Check are you in Private Browsing mode. This mode is not supported by this app.

Mix of SSL and http

You need to set the setting

  <add key="GatewayCRMPath" value="http://yourserver/crm/"/>

A typical error that we see that require this are

 -Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel

Loading metadata issue

The system loads some local metadats for each lookup returned from the following sql

 select distinct lower(colp_colname) as colp_colname
                   from custom_edits
                   colp_entrytype in (21,28)
                   and colp_entity in (select distinct bord_name from custom_tables);

We have seen sites that have loaded (inadvertently) massive lookups/choices and so we put in an optional limiter


 <add key="MXLookupLimiter" value="top 20 * " />

This key is not in the web.config file and must be added in. The above is an example setting were we limit the returns to 20 items.

Timeout when loading metadata

When seen this has been caused by the SSL cert slowing the system dow (the issue is usually visible in full CRM also).

To work around this set the CRMCodedPath and GatewayCRMPath to use the http://localhost/crm....setting or some local non-ssl setting