From MobileX for SageCRM

Server Requirements:

.Net 4.0 should be installed and configured on the CRM app pool

If you are using HTTPS/SSL you must have a valid certificate.

Sage CRM versions 2020, 2021, 2022 supported.

To configure Sage CRM native Web Services do the following:

  • Select "Administration"
  • Select "System"
  • Select "Web Services"
  • Click "Change" to put the screen in edit mode.
  • Set the screen up as follows:
    • Maximum number of records to return:100 (Actually we would recommend this be less than 10 for any install using CRM's native web-services)
    • Maximum size of request:1000000
    • Make WSDL Available to all: Yes
    • Enable web services:Yes
    • Dropdown fields as strings in WSDL file:Yes
    • Send and return all dates and times in universal time:No
    • Accept web request from IP Address:
    • Force webservice log on:Yes

Note that we changed the 2 fields from the default:

1. Make WSDL Available to all = Yes

2. Force Webservice log on = Yes

  • Click Save to update the system configuration.

Here we will show how to enable a Sage CRM user to have "Web Service Access". This is done via the user admin section in Sage CRM.

  • Click on "Administration"
  • Click on "Users"
  • Search for the user that you wish to allow access to and view that user.
  • Click "Change"
  • When in edit mode scroll down to the security tab

and change the "Allow Web Service Access" to "True"

  • Click "Save" to update the users information.

Under the CRM registry, check if there is a registry string for ‘IPAddressChecking’ and check if it’s set to ‘Y’ [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\eWare\Config\/<CRM Install Name>] - set to 'N' if you want it disabled.