MX Upgrading

From MobileX for SageCRM

If you have been using the "Classic" MobileX client there are some things to know before you upgrade.

  • CRM Together will continue to support both the classic client until the end of April 2023.
  • The new client should ideally be on SSL. If using the SSL version this means that your CRM URL must be using "https". Most browsers now really push this and as security is becoming a bigger issue by the day we think all our customers and partners should get this to secure their data in transit. Please check out our blog on this on our website Securing your Sage CRM
  • The Outlook 365 support that is in Classic is gone. An alternative solution will be put in place by end of April 2023
  • Minor server updates will be available to apply via the CRM UI making it easier for changes to be rolled out.
  • The new client has a fresh new look and feel with a completely rewritten software base.

New features and changes:

A. The screens and customisations are shared with Accelerator instead of being a seperate framework for customisations.

Features removed.

a. Outlook 365 integration

b. Pings