From MobileX for SageCRM

The Framework allows for customisation of the client side and server side (building your own API's to be consumed by the client)

Perform the following steps to add a new plugin to the system:

1. Add an entry with plugin name to the <CustomPlugins> section in Web.config (in SageCRMWS project):

     <add name="PLUGINNAME" />
2. Create subdirectory matching the name of plugin at SageCRMWS\js\plugins\PLUGINNAME.

3. The plugin directory must contain at least the file at PLUGINNAME\client\plugin.js with following (required) callback methods:

 var onDocumentReady = function() {
       // TODO: add your custom plugin code here
 var onContextChanged = function () {

onDocumentReady - Called when the web application has finished loading.

onContextChanged - Called when a context in the web application has changed, as the result of calling cApp.setContext() method