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Details of releases 4th Oct 2018

  • Status filter added to cases and oppos lists
  • Internal improvements to make the plugin API easier to use
  • fix for multi-select fields displaying the translation value on a custom screen (avrum this was for).
  • Ability to set the workflow and state on entity create

Office 365 url 2 July 2018 Minor release to fix issues in Office365 integration

  • (fix) New Person on company context showing as "undefined"
  • (fix) ReadOnly value on edit screen (CreateScript) now working (previously it only worked on NEW Entity screens)

Office 365 app urls English German

The mobile app should display as

 Client version:

See [Upgrading] for details on upgrading 15 May 2018

  • (NEW)Speed improvement utilizing caching (if customizing screens and lists you turn this off via the web.config)
  • (NEW)Support added to allow custom MobileX screens/lists (default is to share the same ones as Accelerator). These MX screen names are suffixed by 'MX' EG CaseOfficeIntNewMX
  • (NEW)Support added for StoreProcedure type fields (Case_reference was already supported). This works differently to CRM in that MobileX will create the reference id after the record is created. CRM itself creates it beforehand.
  • (NEW)Support for CreateScript on fields added for 'DefaultValue' and 'ReadOnly' added
  • (NEW)Support for all SSA fields displaying in view mode added (previously just main entities were displayed)
  • (NEW)Updated support for different date formats (German ones specifically)
  • (NEW)Action menu - text on NEW menu is now clickable also
  • (NEW)Multi-select field type support added
  • (NEW)New/Edit screens update - alignment of labels has changed to the label being above the edit box. This is to improve the user experience on smaller devices.
  • Missing German translations added in
  • (NEW)Workflow and State can now be set. The system checks first for a specific MobileX workflow using the keys
 <add key="entity_WorkflowNameMX" value=""/>
 <add key="entity_WFStateMX" value=""/>

if they are not found then it defaults back to the keys

 <add key="entity_WorkflowName" value=""/>
 <add key="entity_WFState" value=""/>
  • (NEW)custom link to open a given entity
 URL format is

Office 365 app urls English German 13th March 2018

  • (NEW) Lead entity support added Jan 15th 2018

  • (NEW) Sage CRM R1 2018 support
  • (fix) Improved security Nov 9th 2017

  • (NEW) Outlook365 - Option to file email and attachments against Opportunity and Cases
  • (NEW) Outlook365 - File email and attachments against multiple people at once
  • (fix) Changed look and feel of screens
  • (fix) Improved overall speed Jun 26th 2017

  • (NEW) Ability to change colors in MobileX
  • (fix) MobileX License not getting picked up Fix
  • (fix) Added support for older versions of SSL

4.5.6 Jun 14th 2017

  • (fix) Metadata loader will now escape item names field data.
  • (NEW) moved fonts to install (instead of using the CDN) - reason being some firewalls block these
  • (NEW) Updated Task screen - now showing all tasks with a filter on top
  • (NEW) Updated Calendar screen - status filter added
  • (fix) Spelling- Change name From Pileline to Pipeline
  • (NEW) Empty state if no items in Bookmarks