From MobileX for Sage CRM Help

There is only one setting and this is the

CRM User e-mail address

and this should be set to the gmail address. This will be taken from CRM itself so should be against the user.

To disable the Gmail Gadget plugin you must separate the users into different organizations.

There is no user level control of the Gadgets provided by Google's admin area (as of July 2015)

To create a new Sub-organisation log into Google apps as an admin user and go to the Admin console

Click on the vertical ... button beside your organization and from the popup men


you can create a new sub-organization. After doing this add the users required to that organization.

Enable KonneX only for the organization.

Log into Google apps as an admin user and go to the Admin console

Select the Apps section


Click "Marketplace apps"


Click the vertical ...


From that dialog you can control whether KonneX is enabled for that organization or not


If your CRM system does not have SSL set up then chrome will complain about mixing http and https requests and this can prevent you from logging on

To resolve this click on the "shield icon" (in chrome) - other browsers may differ in how they cope with this


and click to "Load unsafe scripts".

The scripts are fine (and safe) despite the message.