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This screen has some coded features that are the default behavior.


To add fields from your CRM system you need to create a screen in CRM called "CompanyKonneXView"


and add fields to that.


and you will see the fields as per below


New Company

Some fields like email, phone, Person name and address are hard coded

To edit the person fields you edit the screen


Status Section

Opportunity data - Below is a sample of the SQL run

 select ISNULL(SUM(Oppo_forecast * Curr_Rate), 0) as opportunities
     from vOpportunity left join Currency on Oppo_Total_CID=Curr_CurrencyID
        where oppo_stage in ('Demo','Lead','Negotiating','Qualified','Quoted','Sold') 
            and oppo_status in ('In Progress') 
               and Oppo_PrimaryCompanyId=123

The values used in the query are controlled by the following settings in web.config

   <add key="oppo_stage_open" value="'Demo','Lead','Negotiating','Qualified','Quoted','Sold'"/>
   <add key="oppo_stage_closed" value="'Closed'"/>
   <add key="oppo_status_open" value="'In Progress'"/>
   <add key="oppo_status_closed" value="'Won'"/>

Phone numbers

The numbers shown come from the following SQL

 select PLink_Type, Phon_AreaCode, Phon_CountryCode, Phon_Number, Phon_FullNumber 
               from vCompanyPhoneCaption 
               where PLink_RecordId=123
  • in this will be updated to include
   and (Phon_FullNumber is not null and Phon_FullNumber<>)

so empty rows are not shown