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The Framework allows for customisation of the client side and server side (building your own API's to be consumed by the client)

Perform the following steps to add a new plugin to the system:

1. Add an entry with plugin name to the <CustomPlugins> section in Web.config (in SageCRMWS project):

     <add name="PLUGINNAME" />
2. Create subdirectory matching the name of plugin at SageCRMWS\js\plugins\PLUGINNAME.

3. The plugin directory must contain at least the file at PLUGINNAME\client\plugin.js with following (required) callback methods:

 var onDocumentReady = function() {
       // TODO: add your custom plugin code here
 var onContextChanged = function () {

onDocumentReady - Called when the web application has finished loading.

onContextChanged - Called when a context in the web application has changed, as the result of calling cApp.setContext() method